Thursday, December 1, 2011

Easy Christmas Snowflake Ornaments to make in minutes!

 Here's a quick and cute snowflake ornament you could probably make tonight with the kids and have them hanging on the tree.  This really is a cute ornament and I think I will get me some supplies and start making these myself.

I found this on and you should hop over there to see all the other crafts they have for this holiday!

happy holy-daze!
here's a little something to whip up for your tree (or to give away, or even assemble kits for).

you will need:
beading wire or other fine gauge wire (i used 24 gauge)
wire snips
round nose pliers

1 cut 5 pieces of wire, each about 4-5 inches long.
2 holding them all together, tie a knot in the middle.

3 spread the wires out evenly around the knot.

4 slide your beads on one wire "arm", and finish with a spiral to hold the beads in place.  repeat with the other arms, then attatch fishing line or wire to hang.  how easy was that? 

you could even get really crazy and tie a whole bunch of wires together and spread them out to be a 3-d starburst.  or, as you can kind of see below, wrap the wires around something fun, like sea glass.  or make really tiny ones for earrings!  or make a bunch and hang them on a dead branch, like so:

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