Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beautiful and easy Snowflake Chandelier

For those last minute party decorations this year, why not try this Anthropologie inspired chandelier.  They are super easy and cost very little to make.  You could make several and hang them all over the house for a winter, festive air.

This is from,  which is a site where you will find many other wonderful and easy decorating ideas. 

Here's What You Need             
  • Magazines, newspapers, or craft paper
  • Ribbon, yarn, or thread
  • An embroidery hoop
  • A pushpin
  • Scotch tape
To find out how to make your snowflake chandelier, just
read more.
  • Rip out pages from your magazine or newspaper. Fold and cut six to ten snowflakes. (If you can't remember how to fold and cut snowflakes, check out this tutorial.)
  • Cut three pieces of yarn/ribbon to the same length.
  • Tie the three pieces of ribbon onto the embroidery hoop, equidistant from each other.
  • Gather the three ends. Tie a very loose knot midway up the three pieces of yarn. With one hand, hold the embroidery hoop down on a flat surface. With the other, gently pull at the knot. This will help to keep the three pieces of yarn the same length. Pull the knot tight.
  • Hang embroidery hoop from doorway with the pushpin. Makes sure that the hoop is hanging straight. If not, readjust lengths of yarn/ribbon.
  • Tie six to ten varying lengths of yarn/ribbon around exterior of embroidery hoop. You can also tie one piece from the middle knot.
  • Scotch tape corner of each snowflake to end of each piece of yarn/ribbon.
  • Rehang your snowflake chandelier around a light fixture, in your favorite corner, or above your dining room table.
  • Happy holiday decorating!

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