Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heads up!!

Just wanted to remind you that there is officially less than 6 months left before Christmas.  Now if you get paid monthly, that is less than 6 opportunities to buy Christmas gifts early.  If you get paid every other week, there are less than 12 opportunities.  For those lucky enought to get paid weekly, you have less than 24 weeks. 

Christmas is coming--no doubt.  You might as well be prepared as not!

Hope you get ready so you can enjoy the original concept for this hoilday.  Christmas is not about hype and shopping.  It is about reflection and thankfulness.  It is about family time.  It is about joy and hope.

You don't have to be Christian to be able to celebrate this holiday.  Every religion is about these things.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Official Crepe Paper Christmas Tree Tutorial........

Here is a wonderful tutorial on making crepe paper Christmas trees that I thought you would enjoy.  I found this originally on AllFreeHolidayCrafts, but that link forwards you to Creative Chaos.  So be sure to visit both sites and try out some of their other craft ideas.

If you make one of these trees, I know that I would love to see it and I know that Creative Chaos would also love to get a look.


2010 December Craft 033
Woo Hoo....After a back breaking day at Paper Tales (which consisted of eating pumpkin bread, talking with some lovely ladies who read my blog, solving a glitter crisis, eating more pumpkin bread, ringing up crafty customers, inadvertently letting someone know that the special crinkle ribbon that's all the rage at the Tim Holtz 12 days of Tags blog is simply seambinding, eating more pumpkin bread and then finally waving goodbye to everyone), I arrived home to two boys and a Papa who had been waiting anxiously for my arrival so we could all watch Toy Story 3 together.   Once my eyes were dry from the ending of the movie, I got right to work on my Snowflake Box kits for tomorrow's class in between five loads of laundry.  Why am I telling you this?  Because I want everyone to see that I am totally committed to keeping my promise to bring you the tutorial.......even though I really want to sit on the couch and watch a movie......
2010 December Craft 028
But I must show you how to do this so you can become just as obsessed as I am.  Then I won't feel so lonely in my little world of crepe paper and glitter.   First, though, I have to tell you how it all happened.  Cindy Gilstrap, a wonderful crafter/artist, had made a crepe paper Christmas tree for the Joli Paquet blog that you can see here.   I instantly fell in love with it.  However, because I have the patience of a gnat, I decided to use my sewn ruffled crepe instead.   And the rest is history......
2010 December Craft 036

Now, I did a google search to see if these had ever been done before and didn't find anything.  Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?   Let me know if you do!
2010 December Craft 005
Now, here are a couple things you need to know about this project.   Number one....once you start making these trees, you will find yourself unable to stop. Seriously. Ruffled crepe paper will never be the same to you.  You will find yourself looking for reasons why you need just one more crepe paper tree in your life.
2010 December Craft 010
Number two....expect to be pulling hot glue strings from your tree, your table, your body and your children for at least the next two months.
Ok....I think we're ready!
First gather your supplies.....
1. Crepe paper......I have no idea how much because I neglected to measure beforehand so let's just say a roll
2. Hot glue gun (this is what I used) or a heavy gel glue like fabri-tac or 3 in 1
3. Piece of paper to make into a cone or paper mache cone
4. Peppermint Bark candy bar (you will get hungry)
2010 December Craft 003
I took a 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and rolled it into a cone.  I then glued the end at the top to secure.......
2010 December Craft 004
2010 December Craft 005
Glue the sides......
2010 December Craft 006
Cut the bottom of the cone to from the base.  Once you cut it set it on the table to see if it's even and stands straight......
2010 December Craft 007
2010 December Craft 008
2010 December Craft 009
I sew my crepe paper on my sewing machine using a basting stitch and tight tension.  It ruffles up just right.  On my old machine, I had to pull the one end of the thread to ruffle it.  That works also.
2010 December Craft 025
Start at the bottom with your first section skirting the bottom of the table.   Glue into place......
2010 December Craft 014
Continue around the base until you meet up in the back.....

2010 December Craft 015
Take it a bit above the last bottom skirt and continue around the cone.....
2010 December Craft 016
I worked in sections using pieces that were about two feet long.   When you get to the end, just match end to end and glue....
2010 December Craft 019
2010 December Craft 020
2010 December Craft 021
 Time for a break.....grab your chocolate......
2010 December Craft 022
 Ok, back to work!    We're almost done.......

2010 December Craft 026
Ta Da!  You did it!  For the very top I use a small section of the ruffled crepe paper and cut it a bit shorter than the other layers and then glue into place........

2010 December Craft 027
I hope you enjoyed it!   Put a bunch of glitter on and you are good to go.  I would LOVE to see any of the ones you make.  Please send pictures!!  Ok....I'm off to bed.....I've got a class to teach tomorrow!
2010 November 038

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