Sunday, May 29, 2011

Give a hoot for the holidays--an owl ornament tutorial

This is just too cute to pass on.  I found this originally on, but the original post is on  The blogger, Jessica Levitt, has a wonderful blog with many wonderful craft items.  This one, with the owl ornaments, fits well here on my Christmas blog.

If you make any of these from Jessica's instructions, please send me a picture so I can post it here.  Send one to Jessica, too!  I love working with felt to make tree ornaments.  It is so easy and forgiving.  It comes in a wealth of colors and thicknesses.  You can sew, embroider, glue everything together.  All in all, a great craft supply.

Here is the owl ornament tutorial:

Owl orns 1
But I did do a little felt hand sewing.  I made the little gnome from the last post and a few other things for my tree.  I’m doing a woodland theme this year.  Hopefully it will be all set up soon for you to see.
Owl orns 2
Anyway, these are the little owl ornaments I made.  And it’s a simple tutorial, just for you!
Owl orns 3
Download Owl ornament and all you do is cut it out from felt and sew however you’d like.
I love ‘em.
 Owl orns 4
And if you make it bigger it would make a cute softie.  I was sewing one on the bus with my daughter’s field trip and a couple of the little girls were begging me for one of their own.  So they could make a cute gift or stocking stuffer.  (Of course, I’d stay away from buttons with real little ones for safety’s sake.)
*****NOTE: I forgot to mention on the pattern about ric rac.  That's what I used to make the "feathers" on the belly....
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