Monday, November 15, 2010

Dorset Button Christmas Decoration

Here is another easy, quick Christmas craft that you can do while watching television.  But, you end up with really lovely tree ornaments!  Enjoy.

I found this tutorial at Trishalandesigns.

I made them for a Blog Swap.

In the original post I briefly explained how I made them.

And then finished the post with a promise to post a step by step tutorial.

As we are all starting to think about the holidays now is a good time to deliver on my promise.

Step 1: You will need a wooden curtain ring with the screw eye attached. Thread, tapestry needle, beads(optional), ribbon to hang.

Step 2: How much thread you will need depends on how big the curtain ring is and how much filling of the centre you plan to do and type of thread. For the orange one I used 2.5 skeins of Stranded Cotton. Unravel the skein so the thread pulls freely. Hold the tail of the thread as in the picture.

Step 3: Make a loop over the tail of the thread. Pull the remaining thread through the loop (imagine a button hole stitch).

Step 4: Pull the "knot' firmly capturing the tail of the thread securely.

Step 5: repeat this step a couple of times then cut off the excess tail.

Step 6: Repeat this step until the entire ring is covered. Make sure that you roll the 'knot' to the inside.

Keep going.

Just a little bit further.

Step 7: Now we are going to make the spokes. I thread the needle (with this thread) before starting this step as its easier than stopping a doing a bit later. Wind the thread around the outside of the ring, down the front side, around the back. You need to be careful here that the point where the threads cross on the top is centred. Ignore the back for the time being.

Step 8a: The photo below shows and even number of spokes on the top. You need an odd number.

Step 8b: Bring the thread from the back onto the front side. Instead of winding completely around push the needle down to the back at the half way point.

Step 9: Now you are going to secure the centre point and at the same time bring the back threads into alignment with the top threads. With the needle threaded criss cross across the centre point pulling the back threads into place as you go. Continue until all are aligned. This is important. If you don't make sure that they are aligned before beginning weaving your button will be off centre. Try and keep the centre neat but don't stress too much as it can be covered by beads or sequins.

Step 10: Now we are going to starting filling in the centre. This is a basic over, under weave. This is why you needed an odd number of spokes. I always start at the top near the scew eye.


Continue over, under until you get back to the top. The odd number automatically makes sure that the next time around the moves are the opposite.

Step 11: Now is when you get to start to personalise you decoration. There is no need to completely fill in the centre. You can see by the samples that I decorated all differently.

I sewed beads on to the front.

Don't forget the back.It will be seen hanging on the tree. Add some ribbon through the screw eye and pop it onto your tree.
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