Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Annual toy expo shows what's old is new again

Here is an article from the Tech Beat, that outlines some of the "hot" new toy ideas that your kids will be begging for this year. Check out the article and then see if you can get your hands on the items before it is too late!

The recent “Time to Play” event, previewing hot toys for the holiday season, featured a slew of high tech upgrades for more traditional toys.

One in particular is a $30 drawing tablet that uses light instead of crayons or markers.
"It's the Electra Doodle. Basically, it has electronic games and drawing. You can draw with light, then you can reverse it out you can animate what you've drawn with different variations of animation," Cra-Z-Art spokesperson Kevin McMenamy said.
Another device that may appeal to parents looking to reclaim their own tech toys, like iPads from their kids, is Vtech's new VReader.
It's being billed as something like a Kindle for kids.
<span style="color:#990000"><em>Tech Beat: </em></span>Annual toy expo shows what's old is new again
"It's got interactive stories, reading games and actually an on-screen definition guide where kids can press a button and get a pop-up definition for a word they don't know," Vtech’s Andrew Sroufe said. "It's also got a learning lodge navigator which is kind of like an iTunes store where kids and their parents can go on and buy stories, games and get progress reports for how they're progressing along through the curriculum."The VReader device costs about $60. Each piece of content you can download will run between $4 and $6.
For adults out there who have to go to work and feel bad about leaving their pets at home all day, "Puppy Tweets" allows you to put an electronic pendant on your dog's collar. Then, he or she will actually send you tweets [and] posts on Twitter.
"The device actually tweets you phrases that your dog is doing such as taking a nap or having a snack. There are sensors in the device that allow the product to track what exactly the dog is doing. We have over 500 phrases," Mattel spokesperson Michelle Chidoni said.
The cost of adding your canine to the growing list of people you follow on twitter is $30.

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