Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Here's another idea for your Christmas shopping

If you are buying for someone who is moving, or for someone who is directionally challenged, or even for someone who may get confused easily when driving, I would like to recommend the Garmin Nuvi GPS system as a wonderful Christmas present.  The cost is average and there are several different models depending on the users' actual needs. 

I purchased one of these gizmos for my sister recently and I have to say that since she got it, she is much more confident about her ability to get herself around town (she just moved to a new town recently).  She tends to get depressed if she stays home too much, so I am happy that now she is mobile again.

One problem we had was that there is no manual that comes with the device.  For us older folks, that makes getting information on how it works harder but not impossible.  Another problem we had was learning how to recalculate the routes.

Once we figured out  how to keep her off the freeways as much as possible, she has become a complete gad-about.  It's really nice to see her involved in her new home surroundings.

The gadget plugs into the lighter socket and has a window mount, so now she is good-to-go!

For more information on Garmin Nuvi, please visit here.   You can read all about it and buy yours there today.

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