Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wednesday Shopping Wisdom --

Here's some words of wisdom to consider when shopping for presents this year,
courtesy of FreeHolidayGift

Top 10 things to consider when purchasing a gift for someone.
#10-  The gender for whom you are purchasing the gift. 
Although this could be a non-issue, it most likely is not.
#9-  The chronological age for whom you are purchasing the gift.
So this refers to what their actual age is.  You%u2019re certainly not going to purchase the same thing for someone who is 50 as opposed to 15 (unless it is golf balls or similar nature)  So this requires a little thinking.
#8-   The mental age of whom you are purchasing the gift.
This refers to how young they feel at heart.  Again, let's be considering the person's age but be cautious of purchasing items TOO young or TOO old for what the person FEELS like they are.
#7-  The occasion for which you are purchasing the gift.
Are you purchasing something for a birthday, Christmas or say, VALENTINE'S DAY?  These will all have different angles from which to make your purchase.
#6-  Have you purchased for them before?
Is this a first purchase because they're a new boy/girl friend?  If so, be careful to not say the 'wrong' thing by purchasing something too 'cheap'.
#5-  How well did that previous purchase go?
Did your last purchase make a good impression?  Or do you need to 'make up' for your last purchase?  (talking to the guys here)
#4-  How much money do you have to spend?
Maybe this should be slightly higher in the rank but non-the-less, it does come into play in what you%u2019re going to purchase.
#3-  Their relation to you.
Are we talking about a friend?  A close friend?  Brother/Sister? Wife/Husband?  You get the picture.  Make sure you're thinking about this!
#2-  What do you want this gift to 'say' to them?
This could be a trade-off with #1.  If you're merely saying 'I like you' then keep that in mind.  If you're trying to say 'I REALLY like you', then obviously that changes things up a bit.  Now if you're wanting to say 'I love you,' well then, you'd better step up to the plate and hit one out of the park!
#1-  Do you want them to remember this gift forever?
This could go a lot of different directions in terms of them remembering forever.  You could step off the cliff face and be remembered for something permanently going to 'leave a mark'!  Or you could do something crazy like a 'gag' that would be remembered forever.  Now going this route could still be 'stepping off a cliff' b
you have to determine that yourself. 
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