Thursday, June 3, 2010

Here's another easy Christmas ornament to make ahead

Make a few of these ornaments and by the time the tree needs to be put up, you will have all you need to make it beautiful and festive.

Paper globe ornaments

I love these paper ornaments. They look so complex, but they really aren’t.

To start, you need 20 paper circles of whatever patterns you choose. I made mine about 1.5″. If you have a circle template or jumbo punch, it makes it really easy.
Fold the edges of each circle up in three places, so that it looks like a triangle with three tabs.
To make the top of the globe, take five of your circles. Glue the tabs together so that the five form a ring. Repeat this for the bottom of your globe.
To make the center of your globe, glue 10 of your circles in a line. The “triangles” will alternate pointing up and down, so that you have a straight band. Then glue the end circles together to make a ring. Glue the top and bottom pieces onto your ring.
I made a little paper dangle for mine. Once your done, just punch a few holes, put on a wire or ribbon hanger, and voila! All finished.

These are from CraftTutorials


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