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Holiday shopping guide suggests gift ideas

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The Daily Beacon
Justin Joo - Staff Writer
2009-11-30 19:34:44
With the notorious Black Friday having come and passed, the Christmas shopping season can now begin in earnest.
From now until Dec. 25, people across the United States will be frantically scouring Wal-Marts, shopping malls and jewelry stores trying to find the perfect gift for their friends and family.
But what does one do when they have no idea what to buy? With the ever-growing trends and fads, it's hard to keep up with the many things that loved ones would like to find under the Christmas tree.
Hopefully this guide will help give confounded shoppers some hints.

Teenage Girls

For the 15-year-old niece or preteen sister, there are only two words you need to know: Twilight Saga. With the recent movie release of "New Moon" bringing in over $300 million at the box office, there are books, action figures, the DVD release of "Twilight" and teen magazines featuring the eternal question: Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Any Man Younger Than 35

If there is one gift that will always make a man smile, it is electronics. They are simple creatures that love toys. A new iPhone 3GS may set the buyer back $199, but it will put a grin on his face.
Three major video game systems -- the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii -- have all dropped their prices recently. Both the Xbox 360 (Elite Holiday Bundle) and Playstation 3 (120 GB) are selling for $299 at Best Buy.

For the Ladies

Women can sometimes be hard to buy for, and purchasing a gift for them is usually a challenge.
"I really don't want to be (shopping) at all, so I'll probably try and grab the first thing I see," Chase Wunder, freshman in business, said. "I also make sure to give my girlfriend the receipt, so if she wants, she can return and get what she actually wants."

Of course, grabbing her a Snuggie ($19.95, plus shipping and handling) just because everyone else says they're awesome is not always the best approach.

But there is one fail safe solution.
Everyone has heard the phrase, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend." As clich'd as that might sound, the male shopper may be surprised how effective a pair of earrings can be at spreading Christmas cheer. Jewelry is the ticket to go from the nice to naughty list.
He can go the expensive route with something like the Tiffany & Co.'s Snowflake pendent for $25,000 (but only if he really loves her) or something cheaper like a sterling silver link bracelet from Jared at $59.99 (if he loves her but doesn't "love-love" her).
Of course, it's always good to go with a gift that has a personal touch: something that has meaning for both the giver and the person receiving the gift.
"I'm getting (my boyfriend) a Wii because of an inside joke we've had," Marvyl Cockrell, freshman in psychology, said. "He's never going to see it coming."
The beauty of these gifts is that they don't have to be too expensive. The goal beyond them is to give something that will make the gift receiver think back fondly on inside jokes or times shared. This can be anything from a Nintendo Wii, a G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Snake Eyes Sword & Mask with Ninja Stars ($24.99 from Hasbro) or just going to the mall and making a Build-A-Bear together. (A memory can be made with this gift, and it is a fact that women love cute things.)
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