Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Christmas is fast approaching!

Christmas @ Wal-Mart 2008Image by Brandy Shaul via Flickr
Have you got your tree up yet?  Do you need to finish up your shopping?  If you answered "yes" to the last one, you are in very good company.  I know many people who have just now begun to shop in earnest.  If you answered "yes" to the first question, you are ahead of many.

Today I would like to point out that bargains are out there for just about any item and at any store you may be looking at.  Here are just a few of the email "sales" ads I have received in the last week:

Amazon seems to be the leader in online sales this year, and why not?  With just about anything you can imagine available and an offer of free shipping, why would you go somewhere else?

Electronic gadgets seems to be all the rage this Christmas.  You can buy your grandmother this gizmo and never have to go pick her up again because she will never get lost!

Don't forget the family pet!  There are deals everywhere for Fido and Gato.  Maybe you are thinking of buying a new aquarium to help calm down your active children, or maybe you want to have the soft chirping of parakeets on Christmas morning--find yourself a good deal!

Even Walmart has gotten into the act.  Now you can find online bargains and have them shipped directly to the store for pick-up.  Save you money on the item and on the shipping. 

We all know that if you don't find it at Walmart, then it isn't available anywhere.

You may not plan to buy all your items here, but this really is a great place to buy those gifts for the teacher, the coach, the co-worker, etc.  And don't forget the hostess gifts for the party-going this season. 

With all the bargains out there, a careful shopper should be able to celebrate the season without going broke!  Check it out!
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