Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shopping for someone who can get lost at home?

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My sister is getting older.  She has always been very independent and capable, after all she reared 4 children pretty much on her own.  Now that she is in her sixties, she seems to have slowed down and her mental acuity seems to have dulled a bit.  She still is very independent and likes to go to her numerous activities around town.

She is actively involved in church and Bible study, she is trying really hard to learn to play bridge, she knits and crochets and goes to her knitting groups and attends knitting crawls, and she goes to book clubs.  Over all she is pretty much of a gad-about.

Until she moved.  Now she resides in a new urban landscape and I have come to see that she is directionally and map challenged.  In six months, she has finally figured out how to get back home from the store; she now knows which way is north and which is south!

Everything else, however, is up for grabs.  So this year for Christmas, I intend to help her out and buy her a Garmin GPS system for the car.  I have my eye on  the Garmin nuvi 265W/WT.  Click on the link to visit a site that tells you all about that model.

If you too are shopping for someone who loves to be independent but can become lost or disoriented when driving to strange or unfamiliar places, I recommend this model.  I have read many of the reviews and feel this is the "best bang for the buck".  After all, independence doesn't come cheap, does it?
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