Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas buying for the men in your life!

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Everyone is stumped when it comes to buying for a man, but really, it shouldn't be too hard.  If you listen to and actually hear what your man tells you, you should already know what he is looking for.

Men rarely enjoy clothes, even though they have to wear them, they are just not excited about them.
Men do not really enjoy flowers or plants unless they happen to be rabid gardeners.
Men do not like to get personal hygiene items because men just aren't into that, even if it is a hint!

Men like gadgets, men like sports, men love electronics.  Men are really just big "boys" and they love "toys"
like the little ones.  They just won't tell you how much they like to play video games, how much they like to watch the game on the big-screen TV at the pub, how much they like to play cards with the guys.

Men, of course, love sex and all the trimmings, but that shouldn't be a big surprise.

So, what to get for your man?  Listen to him; watch what he likes to do in his spare time--those are the clues you need to give him a gift he will actually love!
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